Advertise your Minecraft Themepark server

Do you own a Minecraft Themepark server? Or are you staff on a server? Placing your park on ParkLeaksMC is completely free!

Why your park at ParkLeaksMC:
  • ParkLeaksMC is the centre of the Minecraft Themepark Community
  • All your park information on one page
  • IP address and website are displayed
  • Free advertising

Displayed information:
  • Park name
  • Logo (square)
  • Atmosphere picture (700px x 120px)
  • Description (± 250 characters)
  • Type park (Custom park, Efteling, etc)
  • IP address
  • Website
  • Social media
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Become PartnerPark

Want even more advertising on ParkLeaksMC? Even that is possible!

Make sure that you, and your team, are actively present at ParkLeaksMC and that your park page is fully completed.

Help expand the community and share ParkLeaksMC as much as you can!

Advantages PartnerPark:
  • Partner-Batch at your park at ParkLeaksMC
  • Advertises (In consultation)
  • No advertisements from other parks on leaks, news and other pages about your park
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