Advertise your Minecraft Themepark server

Are you the proud owner of an awesome Minecraft theme park and want to share it with the world? Then you've come to the right place! Here you can add your own park for free and advertise your creation.

At ParkLeaksMC, we believe in sharing awesome Minecraft theme parks and connecting players around the world. Our website, with over 500 unique visitors per month, provides an overview of the most impressive parks the community has to offer. Whether you've recreated an existing theme park like Disneyland Paris or created an adventurous custom park, we welcome all shapes and sizes of parks!

The process to add your park is simple. All you need to do is provide the following information:

1. Park Name:
This is the name by which your park will be presented on ParkLeaksMC.

2. Logo:
Add a square logo of your park. The logo must have a minimum resolution of 150 x 150 pixels. The logo will be used to represent your park on the website.

3. Atmosphere photo:
Add an atmospheric screenshot of your park with a size of 700 x 120 pixels, so that visitors get a taste of the magic they can expect. An image says more than a thousand words, so be sure to choose the best representation of your park!

4. Description:
Tell us all about your park! Let us know what attractions and themes you used, and how players can enjoy your park experience. Unleash your creativity and get us excited to visit your park!

5. Social media:
If your park has its own social media page, such as Discord, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, let us know the links. That way, visitors can follow you for the latest updates and photos of your park.

6. Website:
If you have your own website for your park, you can also share the URL. This gives you the opportunity to provide more information.

7. IP address:
Don't forget to provide the IP address of your server so that players can visit and enjoy your park. Make sure you provide the correct information so that anyone can access your Minecraft theme park without any problems.

Add your park to ParkLeaksMC today and let the world be amazed by your Minecraft theme park! We look forward to seeing your park shine on our website and introducing players to your unique adventure world. Don't hesitate to contact us via Discord.

News and advertising

In addition to adding your Minecraft theme park to our website, we offer even more ways to put your park in the spotlight. ParkLeaksMC gives you the chance to share news stories about your park, so your visitors can stay up to date on the latest developments and events. This is a great way to keep your park alive and up-to-date!

Have you opened an exciting new attraction? Are you hosting a special event soon? Or do you just want to share some park news with the community? Send us your news items and we'll be happy to post them on our website. This allows players to always be informed about what's going on in your Minecraft theme park.

In addition, we offer free banner ads. Take advantage of this opportunity to draw even more attention to your park. You can design an attractive banner with information about your park. These banners are displayed prominently on our website, attracting the attention of visitors and giving your park additional exposure.

At ParkLeaksMC, we believe in supporting park owners and providing a platform for their parks to shine. We want your Minecraft theme park to get the attention it deserves and get players excited to visit it. Today, take advantage of the opportunity to submit news items and place free banner ads so that your park gets the attention it deserves!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about submitting news items or placing banner ads. We are here to support you.