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Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!

September 18, 2021

After the Apocalypse…
Evil has taken over in a post-apocalyptic world. Even more dark creatures than ever before rule and spread fear and terror in ‘Horror Nights − Traumatica’, the horror event on EPM. From 1st October to 13th November 2021, five rival groups fight for power and must find their place in the hierarchy – and the player is in the decision or die. The Ghouls, The Fallen, The Pack, The Resistance and The Shadows are ready for the showdown.

Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!

Since the demise of humanity, The Fallen serve evil. They are among the few survivors of the apocalypse, but they have not survived unscathed. Their minds have suffered, they feed on vermin and rats in the dark. Many of them have already fallen victim to the other groups or fled the streets of Traumatica. Even The Fallen are too afraid to enter their own home. Those who have the courage, should be very quiet – Shhhhh!

The Pack make a valuable substance that Myra Moon Mistress needs for her Moonshine − the so-called Moondust. This allows the ferocious troop to turn into werewolves, regardless of the moonlight. The bickering, noisy and stinking bikers are hell on wheels and, with their huge stature and hairy bodies, they strike a threatening picture. Rioting and vandalism are on the agenda for these uncouth types. Once they have picked up their victim´s scent, they will not abandon their hunt. Visitors need to be quick if they want to escape the gigantic claws of the nasty creatures.

Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!
Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!

The world is under the rule of frightening creatures, but Dragoş Shadowborn considers some of them unworthy. These poor creatures transformed into hideous, hunched beings that live deep beneath the earth´s surface and vegetate in the incubation. The Ghouls have worked their way up from the pitch-black darkness of their caves, overcoming the dependence on their creators. Their thirst for human blood is as strong as ever.

Now they are guided by their queen Tara, who gives them unimaginable strength, specifically for hunting. They have started to breed − and that can mean nothing good. The ghouls suddenly have powers that the rest of the Traumatica world does not seem to compete with.

Operation: Invasion. has begun: The Rotters attack the bunker and try to take it. The Resistance are without a leader and are trying everything so as not to perish.

Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!
Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!

In the legends, they bear many names − for example, demons or bloodsuckers. Human tongues cannot pronounce their name and call them Shadows. They were able to ward off the attack from the Fallen and are angry, very angry. In Shadowborn − Redemption, they are defending themselves. Anyone who dares to enter the house is a potential victim of their cruel torture methods.

Since the dawn of time, light has fought against darkness and darkness against light. When the sun set for the last time in the west, this fight seemed decided. The creatures of Traumatica emerged from the night to rule the earth and slaughter the remnants of humanity. But since death also needs life, with the rising of the moon, a new goddess emerged with power over the balance of domination in Traumatica: Myra Moon Mistress.

Myra Moon Mistress can erase the existence of any entity in Traumatica. And it is she who has the ability to create ‘Moonshine’ − a serum with extraordinary effects. Any creature who has tasted a drop of it will never forget the feeling of insurmountable power and strength. Only a few win the favour of the mistress and become part of her followers, the so-called ‘Moon Servants’. But the mistress is the sole person that knows how to make ‘Moonshine’. It is only known that the blood of the Shadows is needed, yet it seems as if Myra is more involved than she has revealed.

What is her role in the world? Is she really the goddess she claims to be?

Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!
Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!

With ‘Horror Nights - Traumatica’ you have the choice: Do you fall into the madness of The Fallen? Do you want to chase innocent people along with The Pack or lose all your human features with The Ghouls? Do you want to fight for power with The Resistance? Or do you join together with The Shadows on their vendetta? It´s important to decide quickly, as the world is doomed. The time of ‘Horror Nights − Traumatica’ has begun!

Horror Nights – Traumatica are back on EuropaPark-Minecraft!

In addition to the horror houses and the Scarezones Frontline, Hunting Ground and No Man’s Land, the following attractions is open: Matterhornblitz.

The ‘Horror Nights − Traumatica’ always take place on Fridays and Saturdays from 1st October to 13th November 2021. The preview is on 29th September 2021 (VIP and Partners only). Admission is from 6.45pm, begin at 7.30pm. At 9pm and 10.30pm. More info on:

The Vampire’s Club is always open on Fridays and Saturdays and on 31st October. Access to the preview is reserved for partners, influencers and VIPs only.

Access is allowed from the age of 12. Visitors under the age of 12 are not admitted to the event.

Address: (1.14.4)



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